Soccer Stars – Tutorial for PC/Android/IOS

Soccer Stars – Tutorial for PC/Android/IOS

Soccer stars tutorial

Soccer Stars is an interesting game for PCs (via facebook), devices with Android and IOS. Soccer Stars is a flat football game in which the goal is to hit the opponent more goals than him. The game lasts until one of the parties scores a certain number of points – usually four or three points. Soccer Stars is created by the same company that created, among others, 8ballpool, which is known to everyone. In Soccer Stars, the physics of the game is similar to other games of this publisher, so the game runs smoothly and smoothly. It is definitely worth to play.

Soccer Stars tutorial

Soccer Stars guide The game proceeds as follows … We choose the mode in which we want to play, it is based on the choice of the country in which we play and differ in the rate at which we play. Then the game selects the right opponent for us, both of us are taken coins, so that after the sum in the pot was as much as we play. He moves us to the field on which we will play and the match starts, as I wrote above – the game is about winning points with an opponent.

Usually, we need to score four goals to win, sometimes less, sometimes more. On the pitch after entering the game, we see our team and the opponent’s team, our players are like pawns with which we will bounce the ball. When it is our turn to move the cursor, or finger in the case of a touch screen in Android / IOS devices and drag the strength bar with which our football player has to hit the ball. Let’s go and the pawn hits the ball with the impact of flying into the distance, bounces off other pieces, walls and hopefully it will fall into the goal.

Thank you and all that I had to share, I hope that the guide to soccer stars is useful and you will finally win your matches. Good luck and I invite you to check our post, where you can download soccer stars mod apk.

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